The best month for getting married in Costa Rica

When getting married in Costa Rica, you want to take the following things into account when setting your Costa Rica wedding date.

getting married in costa rica

When is rainy season?

It is needless to say that this is a very important detail while setting your wedding date. Costa Rica has many micro climates which makes it impossible to answer this question for the whole country. Our advice is to ask your wedding venue or wedding planner. Ask them more than just when rainy season starts and ends, also ask them if some parts of the rainy season are worse etc. For instance, here in Dominical the people in general call the period from September to November rainy season. However, September is not that bad yet and still quite suited to for a wedding ceremony on the beach or in a garden. From January until April you have the least chance of rain in Dominical. These are also the best months for a beach wedding ceremony during sunset. Some people name May to August ‘Green Season’ because the rain returns in May and makes all plants vivid again (although the plants will stay green year round in Dominical). Generally May is more rainy as June, July and August.

In the case you will have your wedding in ‘Green Season’ or ‘Rainy Season’ it is better to plan the wedding ceremony in the morning because the chance of rain will be much smaller.  These are important things to keep in mind. However, please realize – it is a Rainforest habitat here – it doesn’t matter when you want to marry, there will always be a chance of rain. This is why our wedding planner will try to organize your outdoor wedding events in such matter that a possible rain shower will not spoil your wedding day.

When are prices higher?

During high season prices are somewhat higher and you will have less chance getting good deals. This also applies for your wedding guests because flight tickets are more expansive during high season. High season generally runs from December 15th until April and a ‘little high season’ in July and August. From that perspective it will be more economically to have your Costa Rica wedding somewhere in May – June or September > November. We do not advise to marry in Costa Rica during Christmas/New Years and Easter; these are called peak seasons and prices are considerably higher.

So, what is the best time for getting married in Costa Rica?

When looking at both the climate and the financial part, June is the best months for getting married in Costa Rica (Dominical). The months May, July, August and September are good alternatives when June will not work for you.

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