How to get married in Costa Rica

You decided to get married in Costa Rica; great decision! But now you are wondering how to arrange your wedding in Costa Rica? Well, it is not difficult at all. Wedding requirements are basically limited to having a legal passport and if you choose a wedding venue that offers free wedding planning services, you will only do the fun stuff! In this blog article we break down the process of how to plan your wedding in Costa Rica in 6 simple steps.

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get married in costa rica

1) Choose where to marry in Costa Rica

If you are not familiar yet with Costa Rica, we advise you to do some online research or ask friends & family about the different areas of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a rather small country but it has many different micro climates and habitats. If you are looking for a beach wedding in a stunning natural area where wildlife is still abundant, we at Hotel Resort Villas Río Mar in Dominical can help you out. The area of Dominical and Uvita offers all ingredients for an unforgettable wedding in Costa Rica.

2) Choose your wedding venue and how to plan it

Once you determined in what area of Costa Rica you want to have your wedding you will look for a wedding venue that suites your needs. It will also be important to select a wedding planner who knows the local area well and who knows the local vendors that you need for your wedding. Don’t select a wedding planner that does not speak Spanish well, they will not be able to organize everything perfectly. We at Hotel Resort Villas Río Mar offer wedding planning services free of charge when you decide to have your wedding with us. This will save you time and money! Please check out the following page to see what Wedding Venue Villas Río Mar has to offer for your Costa Rica wedding.

3) Choose a date and send the wedding invitations

You will need to plan your Costa Rica wedding at least one month ahead in order to get all legal requirements done. But you will also need to give your guests some time to plan the trip to Costa Rica and book flight tickets. You want to keep the different seasons in mind when setting your wedding date. We explain this in the following blog article: Getting married in Costa Rica | the best wedding months.

4) Let the wedding venue help you to plan

When choosing Hotel Resort Villas Río Mar for your wedding venue, our team can help you with arranging everything you need for your perfect wedding.

  • Legal requirements
    The following blog article explains about the marriage requirements and what you need to provide to get married in Costa Rica.
  • Wedding ceremony
    Location, Notary (wedding officiant), Decoration, Seats etc.
  • Wedding reception/ party
    Food, Music (band/ DJ), Decoration
  • Photographer
  • Transport
  • Tours & Activities

5) You can do the fun stuff

  • Purchase of wedding dress
  • Purchase of wedding rings
  • Select your wedding favours
  • Select your wedding cake
  • Select your wedding flowers
  • Plan your honeymoon; of course Costa Rica!
  • Break in your wedding shoes…

6) Enjoy your wedding!

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